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February 15, 2018


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*REMEMBER TO THANK A VETERAN FOR THEIR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY..  Every time you see a man or woman in military uniform, thank them for protecting our country and way of life. WANT TO HELP OUR VETERANS? ...send a check addressed to: Macomb County Veterans Food Pantry and send it to the VVA Chapter 154, 18025 E. 15 Mile Road, Clinton Twp, MI., 48035.  

*Our 2018 Monday evening cruise-in schedule in now posted...on the "Shows & Events page,...  
*In 2016, 2,987 classic cars attended our cruise-in from May to September. More than 1700 different classic car owners have registered their cool cars at our cruise-in during the past 11 years. ..see the "Registration" page. Registration is FREE and allows you to win door prizes and our customized, one -of-a-kind 9x12 award plaques every week. You can't win unless you register your cruiser & complete a car window form.  DON'T MISS YOUR CHANCE TO WIN OUR AWARDS & PRIZES!  

* Check out the awesome cars  & other items for sale in our "Cruisers for Sale" page. 

*Do you want to receive our 2018 weekly shows & events schedule plus our Roxio PhotoShows during our cruzing season? ...Send us your email address. Your EM is NOT added to any mailing lists or shared with other cruzers, club members, sponsors, or organizations. You can view all of our Roxio PhotoShows (our weekly cruzer photos with rock n roll music) from ALL of our weekly cruise ins by clicking on this link … . If we have your email address you will also get our weekly updates on shows & events, show reg forms, interesting car topics, and other special announcements. Send your EM address to 

*Can't view some of our web page information?, ...some of our web page information cannot be seen or loaded when using Windows Internet Explorer. Try to reload the page again. If you still cannot view ALL the information that is on a page, try using  Google or Mozilla Firefox as your internet connection. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

*FTC Membership Waiting List....OUR  OPEN MEMBERSHIP PERIOD WILL BEGIN ON APRIL 1  .... Any open positions in the club before then will be offered to applicants on our list.     
(17 families below are on this list) If you wish to join FTC, you can complete & submit our application to us from the "Join the Club" page of this web site. Your name will be added to our waiting list & you will be notified via email and/or by phone when your club membership is ready to be processed. ...After submitting your form, return to this page to view your status. Applicants on our waiting list include: ..... Pete & Laura Hymas, Dennis & Marsha Ladd, Tim & Marlene Stolarski, Anthony & Kellianne Biondo, Douglas MacDermaid & Laurie Brickner, & Doug & Diana MacDermaid, Mark & Margaret Madion, Barry & Pat Pines, Skip & Trish Hoornstra, Dennis & Betty LaFerle, Tom & Marie Vitale, Rick & Debbie McLain, Anthony & Jenna Galati, Ron & Kathie Wills, Dan Pilarski, Gerard Skowronski, Andy & Karen Gerling, Jim & Arlene Schwab.
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 Shown below are a few photos of cool cars that come to Lakeside Circle every week


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